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13 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hey Tony,
    It is upstairs installation into the basement because of a possible flooding problem…. bending those tabs is ok, I figured it was but thought i better ask before I done it and have to undo it.
    Thanks Bud
    Much appreciated,

  2. Hi Tony,
    Bill Wertz here. I have a quick question.I am installing a downflow goodman furnace. I am wondering if it would be ok to bend the tabs out on the furnace outlet so i can set the furnace down on a bead of silicone ,so I know the furnace is fully engaged on the plenum I have already installed? I dont really see a reason not to, but thought i would ask before i bend them out and drop the furnace down.

    1. Hey there Bill
      Nice to hear from you again.

      I also do not see any reason not to bend them over, thats how i do it most of the time. I would hesitate to bend them “in” as the air flowing over them might cause a whistle.

      The only caution I would consider is if the owner of the home has been prone to flooding of over an inch or two of water into the basement, if its a basement install.

      You could also cut them with a high speed grinder and a thin kerf abrasive wheel

  3. Dear Tony;

    I am interested in your book, but does it cover oil furnaces and boilers? I am interested in how a average person can set up a oil burner so it runs well. I am writting a book and have a chapter on oil heat, but have not been able to find much information. Like yourself I believe that the skilled handyman can do the work.

    Sincerely Yours; Wm. Scott Anderson

    1. Hi Wm Scott Anderson

      Oil Furnaces it does touch on , because all furnace are the same basically . It does not touch on how to set up the burner for an oil furnace.

      As far as boiler , no this guide is not for boilers. We might write one in the future. There is a link on that can help you alot with boilers its free give it a read so you understand how hydronics and boilers work.

  4. i have a boiler now and want to switch to forced air. i have replaced furnaces(forced air) before no problem. but will the book cover all the duct work and air returns that i will need to install?

    1. Hi Bri — No — The book shows you how to do a replacement furnace.

      I hate to say it but sizing the duct-work correctly was not the scope of the book, and I don’t think i will ever cover that one. There are companies out there that will design your duct for you, and guarantee its right for $150 last time i checked. I even used them when i was doing new installs.

      Don?t forget us if you need some equipment though

      Let me know if you need a number

      Regards Tony

  5. Bought the Ultimate Furnace book and love it.

    My confirmation receipt mentioned the new forum. I know it is just getting started but I posted a few questions there and haven’t seen them appear on the board yet.

    It the form active and will the questions get answered? If not can I try them here?


    1. Hay email man — Been busy putting together a website so all our customers can get contractor prices on equipment.
      I will answer your questions today — sorry for the deley

  6. Hi William

    Unfortunately we have had zero requests for paperback, and the cost was horrible to print the book.

    Option 1 – You can download a digital version its $9.97 here is the link Instant delivery

    Option 2 – Digital down load $29.98 – Takes 3 to 5 days Here is the link

    Let us know if we can help you further. We can also print out the book and send it to you via snail mail. That cost is $39.97 and can be had in 3 to 5 days as well.

    Regards Tony Gatto

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