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Does this book include oil furnaces?

Ans: Yes and no. It explains how to install the physical oil furnace. However it does not explains how to set up the actual oil burner.  Oil burners require an amount of expertize that could not be explained in the book.

If you have an oil setup we recommend that you use the book to install the furnace/air handler. Then call a reputable oil guy to set up the oil burner. Set up only takes (if every thing is correct) about an hour and might cost you $75. So this is far more cost effective then a new oil install which is usually about $2200 on average.



Does this include the ductwork?

Yes. We tell you how to make the new ductwork to hook up to the new furnace.



Does this teach how to run new ductwork in a new home.

No.  The scope of this book could not handle that subject. There are companies out there that will design your whole homes ductwork guaranteed for $150 . I used them and recommend that anybody else who is starting with a “new ductwork” install use them as well.


does this include boiler or heatpumps

No it does not. We will be writing a  “Heatpump” “Air Conditioning” “Boiler” install guide as time moves along


Does this cover high efficiency furnaces.



Can people really do it themselves?

My wife who edited the book says that she would now be able to install a furnace herself…. and shes is a executive assistant. So i will leave you to answer that question

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