I have been getting inquiries on “How to find Furnaces in install” in your home. Both from the I want a new one people and from those who might want a used furance

So i thought to address that here and lets take a look see what we can do

Yes the heating season is now upon us. Usually a contractor will get very busy from September until mid December every year. Smart folks will call their “guy” earlier on as he is not so busy and can be haggled a little bit easier.

However if you find yourself in need of a furnace in the middle of the busy heating season heres a few tips that can get you through the emergency/tight jam.

My book the ultimate furnace installation guide contains this information so you are getting some free information here.

Ok — Where to find a furnace used or new.

First – Used – I would not really recommend a used furnace. The only reason I would get one is serious financial jam. The two very explicit reasons to not get a used furnace

  1. New furnace are relatively cheep nowadays, and have a 10 year parts replacement warranty – you really cant beat that
  2. You as in (non heating contractor person) really dont know what you are getting. If you can get a contractor friend to go with you then that would be better , but in my opinion I would not really bother with all that for reason #1
  3. I know but i thought of another one when i was writing this. It might end up costing you more to get a used furnace then a new one. Gas prices, one of the parts are broken, taking it back to the guy you bought it from.

Now maybe if you got one from a contractor who would have a legit reason to sell a used furnace then maybe, but it better be at a huge discount


Now that thats out of the way places to look for good new furnaces with a warranty.

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Craigslist (my favorite one)
  • – my email address – we can sell you a furnace at contractors price +100 and it would be way cheaper then a contractor
  • Craiglist
  • Kijiji
  • Backpage – not that popular anymore but you can and should look here
  • Johnstone supply – US wide chain store with HVAC supplies and furnaces for sale
  • Local plumbing supply store
  • Online

There you have it … if your having trouble finding a furnace to install in your home you now have a resource to get one


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