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Lots of People say if only there was an install furnace review on the internet. I would for sure want to look at that as I want to not only know how to install a furnace, I want to know which furnace to install

Well today is your lucky day – We are going to discuss both –

What furnace should you install? Should you install your own furnace?

First up – What Furnace should I install?

This information is difficult to find on the internet. Why? 2 reasons. First reason, most people trying to write a review about furnace installations are trying to sell you “Their Brand”, so you will get an unbiased point of view. The second is its an expensive test to run so most reviewers will not be installing all of the major furnace brands to give you a review.

Lucky for you I have no skin in the game (Im not trying to sell you a furnace and make money)

Now keep in mind this is my opinion, and its formed from 20 years of installing furnaces. I found that if you keep you furnace install simple you will be far ahead of any and everyone on the market today. This review is heavily biased towards simplicity. I will provide you with an example to prove why this is the best practice in heating and cooling. That example is Digital Thermostats. I have yet to pull a digital thermostat off a wall that has been there for over 5 years. What that means is that when you install your furnace you will also (as most people are pushing these, and thus increasing sales) in most cases be installing new thermostats.

However I have pulled many of the old mercury style thermostats off a wall that have been there for 30 or 40 years. This tells us if we want less breakdowns DO NOT INSTALL A DIGITAL THERMOSTAT.

This makes our install furnace review simple. I will list the most common furnaces and discard the complicated to install and maintain.

Install Furnace
1. Heil – Nope to complicated
2. Lennox – Nope way to complicated, and they like to use you as a field beta tester. They are in my opinion the worst on the market. They trap you into using only lennox certified mechanics, that’s because only their mechanics can get to the data needed to fix your machine, and they will only sell their parts to a lennox dealer so nobody else on the planet can get their parts
3. York – They are not that bad, still a little complicated, but good with service.
4. Trane – My opinion they are the second worse just a tick below the Lennox, but nearly as complicate. However their parts are a bit easier to come buy
5. Goodman – Ding Ding Ding – We have a winner folks. Belive it or not I have had less problems with the Goodman products then any other of the brands that I have installed above. Their parts are easily had at a local Johnstones supply store (nationwide) . Their customer service is second to none. However they have to be set up exactly like their instructions state.

NOTE: If your furnace is not listed above it’s a runt brand, or more then likely it’s the same manufacturer but with just a different name. Ex: Tranes are also named Payne and Day and Night. All three the exact same product, except the Tranes cost wayyyyy more money.

There that was a very simple install furnace review. A nice bonus is that the Goodman can readily be bought and installed by you the home owner. Which leads us into Reason #2

These are expensive products to just buy, most cannot just install a furnace for a review. However I have furnace install experience my whole contractor career and lucky for you I am also a marketer that knows how to get this information in front of you.

Now the big questions would be should you install your own furnace? Granted not all people should attempt to install a furnace. How ever if you are confident with handling the following tools you more then likely can install your furnace
1. Hammer
2. Drill
3. Pipe wrench
4. Tin snips
5. Pry bar
6. Tape measure
7. Wire Strippers

You should have no problem installing your furnace. The guide I wrote “The Ultimate Furnace Installation Guide “ not only shows you how to install a furnace in your home. I explained how much it should cost for a contractor to install it.

The knowledge in there give you an edge as you will know exactly which contractor is being honest with you and which one might be lying to you. Knowing the cost a contractor should charge you has saved hundreads of my customers thousands of dollars.

Hope this helps you with your heating needs.


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