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Hello and thank you for choosing to purchase The Furnace Book for your furnace installation.

Below are two links – One is to purchase The Furnace Book as a digital download only. The cost for that is $19.97. The second is for the digital download as well as a hard copy of The Furnace Book mailed to you via snail mail (7-10 business days). The cost of that package is $29.97.

Any questions before or after purchase feel free to email me at

PLEASE NOTE: The digital copy of the book is sent to you as an email from The Furnace Book. You will receive this email within 24 hours of purchase. Please do not open up a dispute with PayPal before then or my wife will kill me as she’s the one that does it. ┬áThank you.


3 thoughts on “Purchase Page”

  1. I am interested in the digital and hard copy of your book. When I click on the paypal button for both copies I go to paypal home. When I click on the digital only link I get a normal “pay for this item” link at paypal. Possibly the link for buying both copies is broken?


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